Welcome at Heugem, for 10 years a well-known website in Maastricht and surroundings.

In 2003, some friends decided to take pictures of their strokes, crazy evenings and adventures
in the neighborhood of Heugem. From this arises the website heugem.tk, which grows significantly.
For the Maastricht youth is it a innovative and popular site, also because there where no social
websites like Facebook and Hyves. Meanwhile, the website has been growing and growing through the years to Heugem.net, which contains more than 25,000 photos and 500 videos at this moment.

What's Heugem?
Heugem is the southernmost district of Maastricht, the southernmost city in the Netherlands.
Of all districts in the Netherlands, Heugem is located the closest to the equator, making the
temperamental behavior and warm temperatures explainable!
Formerly Heugem was a village, before it was added to the city of Maastricht in 1920.

Coming from Maastricht, there is logically only one football club: MVV Maastricht! Heugem.net is
every match present to support the "Sjengen". With hundreds of atmosphere movies and photo
slideshows, Heugem is one of the most appreciated MVV fansites over the last 10 years.

Youth Sentiment
Over the years, everyone is growing older and the wings are spread. People are moving,
exploring the world, chasing women, study and work. As a result, there are nowadays a piece
less updates on Heugem, bus this website will remain for many of these guys a beautiful
childhood memory of a carefree time of fun and stupid antics.
A kind of online diary of our teenage years so!